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Pool Service

Servicing Pool Owners in the San Rafael, Novato and Marin County area

Marin County Pool Maintenance

A1 Pool & Spa Services offers Marin County pool owners extremely affordable weekly pool maintenance services. In addition to cleaning your swimming pool (including drains) and checking its chemical balance, we are also certified to provide regular maintenance for most any brand of pool auto cover.

Marin County Pool Renovations

A pool is much like any other structure: eventually it calls for renovation. Whether you need tile or coping repaired or replaced, your filtration system updated or your pool itself fitted with a new coat of paint, A1 Pool & Spa Services can help.

Marin County Pool Repairs

Regardless of how much money you have invested in your swimming pool it, like everything else, will eventually need a bit of repair work to keep it in good shape. From your pool bed itself to pool accessories and equipment such as pumps and filters, A1 Pool & Spa Services does it all.

Marin County Pool Cleaning

Once in a while (and, from our experience, at least once a season), your pool will need a thorough, deep cleaning. Pool cleaning is quite a demanding and time consuming task, and unless you can actually picture yourself on all fours at the bottom of your empty pool with a scrubbing brush, you might want to give A1 Pool & Spa Services a call.

Winterize and Solar Panels for Marin County Pools

No matter what season, we're here to help keep your pool in top shape! Give us a call today to find out how we can help take the necessary steps in keeping your pool in pristine condition.